Design strategist on integration processes

Manifattura Domani Strategic Plan

The goal of this project was to communicate Manifattura Domani identity, creating attention on and building a community around it to become a point of reference for anyone interested in environmental issues. In order to achieve this goal we need to facilitate integration among the different subjects of Manifattura Domani and improve the relation with the general public.
Design Process

Manifattura Domani is a publicly financed project creating a “green innovation hub” in an abandoned industrial site in Rovereto, northern Italy. We designed a Communication System for Manifattura Domani strategically designed to integrate the different subjects that will be part of the Manifattura Domani site.

Working on integration is very important for different reasons; Integration is needed to avoid to be perceived just as a list of companies and institutions sharing a common space, Manifattura Domani should be perceived and recognize as a whole to become a benchmark in sustainable development. Its identity it shouldn’t be built as a result of the sum of many subjects with different identities but as an interconnected organism that work together in the field of sustainable development.

Integration means to build a community within the people on site, able to interact with the general public and consequently to create affection to Manifattura Domani cluster. Creating a Communication system means to use different communication tools to achieve the goal of integration. Our research produced this strategic document; this strategic document will help Manifattura Domani in achieving integration through communication tools. The design strategy resulted from our research has four phases: those phases follow the integration process and suggest which communication tools should be used to facilitate the process

This project is developed within the MIT Mobile Experience Lab