Researcher on Social Sustainability

Sustainable Connected Home

The Mobile Experience Lab is designing and building a full scale prototype of a sustainable home with four design objectives. Sustainable architecture: implementation of a vivid and specialized architecture that embodies particular sustainable principles, integrated into the landscape in an efficient and elegant way. Smart energy system: use of natural sources of energy for the energy supply of the home such as solar panels, rainwater retention, biomass and windmills. Info and communication technologies: integration of information and communication technologies to create a responsive system between users, architecture and energy systems. Social sustainability: integration of the individual home with the community with a focus on the social aspects of sustainable living and the local economy.

The dynamic window that is used on the south facade of the sustainable connected home allows dynamic management and control of visibility, sunlight penetration and cross ventilation. Micro chp technology combined with a high performance solar concentrator allows the home to self-sustain its energy needs. The building is designed to perform sustainably under all combinations of environmental conditions or user needs. it can dynamically reconfigure its state by taking into account both real-time conditions, long-term goals and user preferences to optimize its performance.

Green home alliance

This project is developed within the MIT Mobile Experience Lab