Interaction designer

Greenwheel Health Application

The MIT Mobile Experience Lab and Smart Cities Group worked together to envision future scenarios describing design opportunities related to topics that deal with social navigation, distributed data sensing, healthcare, bike sharing racks optimization, peer-to-peer freight, urban races and civic engagement. Smart Cities has developed the Green Wheel electric bicycle motor, an innovative in-wheel regenerative electric motor that can be adapted to any sort of bicycle.

We developed a mobile application for the Greenwheel bicycle that calculates performance, rider energy consumption and environmental conditions while traveling. The application is designed to be mounted on the bicyle's handlebars and provides a number of modes that help the rider during their ride.

The application has been designed to minimize the complexity of the information in order to decrease the risk of accident due to the distraction of the rider. In the GreenWheel application the user moves from one mode to the other swiping the screen with their finger; this gesture minimizes the amount of attention the rider needs in order to move from mode to mode while riding.

This project is developed within the MIT Mobile Experience Lab